I'm touched by the respondents. Literally.
Went to the Upper West Side. Met a rock star.
“Sweat” takes its Broadway audience into the heart of America’s working class. We are #FacebookLive with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage.

Television reel

On-air clips from Lisa Bernhard on Vimeo.

Sometimes field reporting looks like this: Rosie O'Donnell begging celebrities to wear underwear; Viacom chief Sumner Redstone defending his firing of Tom Cruise; wrinkled pooches stealing the show; tongue-twisting Icelanders ringing in the New Year in Times Square; rocking the Oscars' red carpet.


• NYT story on Hockey Moms who've schlepped to the rink for their kids, only to be swept off their feet and onto the ice by the thrill of the sport, and the therapy of it, too.
Self magazine story on the alarming lack of information given breast cancer patients about reconstruction, with my experience as a 29-year-old patient.
• NYT business column on the enigmatic game show network, GSN—where Jerry Springer and Gene Rayburn mingle and online games score.
Glee welcomes icon Carol Burnett, who dishes on Betty White, Facebook & her odds of appearing on Dancing with the Stars: "You might see me getting root canal first."
• Comedian Wanda Sykes on pole dancing, PatrĂ³n Silver and "greening" the porn industry. (Oh, and defending "white guys" Leno and Letterman.)
John Ritter's widow, actress Amy Yasbeck, opens up about John's misdiagnosis—and how a simple MRI may have saved his life.
Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss on finding Peggy's voice, marrying SNL's Fred Armisen and witnessing a Broadway scandal.


"Becoming Myself: Reflections on Growing Up Female" (Hyperion, 2006) is a collection of personal essays by actors and writers — including J.K. Rowling, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Maya Angelou, and, um, me — recalling significant memories of growing up female. Compiled by Willa Shalit, producer of The Vagina Monologues and co-founder of V-Day. Read my chapter or buy the book.

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Exclusive: Ellen Degeneres on Simon, Howard Stern, Oprah, Portia, Twitter—and her critical say behind the scenes of Idol.
• NY Times piece on Crystal Chappell, one-half of the Guiding Light same-sex couple known as "Otalia," whose savvy use of social media helped launch her "Otalia"-inspired Web series, Venice.
The Mentalist is a hit, but who can see into its future? The show's creator on why prime time television is a "sausage factory" and TV psychics are fakes.
• From the White House to the dog house, the creator of the reality series Greatest American Dog is an unlikely master. Woof.
Exclusive: Michael Jackson on marriage, plastic surgery and life after Lisa Marie.
Exclusive: Paul McCartney on Linda's death and writing songs with John in his dreams.

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